Project management

Zenith Town Planning specialises in managing the preparation of complex development applications for land subdivision and multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial proposals. This includes co-ordinating the reporting requirements of a range of experts to address all aspects of development, including surveyors, engineers, architects, building designers, bushfire assessors and ecologists, to ensure a smooth approval process.  The approach taken by Zenith Town Planning is to provide comprehensive information up-front and to minimise exceptions to development standards so that assessment times are reduced and costs associated with delays are contained.

Natural resources

Using knowledge of primary production acquired through living and working in regional NSW, Zenith Town Planning can assess the environmental impacts of rural development proposals, such as agricultural activities, quarrying, mining and rural living subdivision. Such assessments assist to facilitate development and at the same time ensure that natural resources are effectively managed. Allen has detailed knowledge and experience in the renewable energy and waste management industries gained through involvement in regional scale development proposals for wind and solar energy generation, and recycling and landfill development.  Zenith Town Planning project manages and compiles environmental impact statements for designated development and regional scale development proposals.

Environmental assessment

Zenith Town Planning prepares Statements of Environmental Effects to accompany private sector development applications and Reviews of Environmental Factors for public works and infrastructure development by local government.  These include as a minimum the effect of relevant planning legislation and policy, site analysis, a precis of separate reports, an evaluation of likely impacts on the natural and built environments including visual effects, and a preliminary assessment in accordance with provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  Zenith Town Planning also assesses development applications and REFs on behalf of councils and manages the reporting, briefings and site visits for councillors and senior staff.


Zenith Town Planning has over two decades of experience in preparing planning proposals to amend local environmental plans to facilitate development or the protection of environmentally sensitive areas.  Amendments are also made to local environmental plans on behalf of local government to reclassify public land from community to operational to facilitate infrastructure development. Allen regularly chairs public hearings to reclassify public land from community to operational land.  Land rezoning and reclassifications are carried out in accordance with guidelines issued by the NSW Government and provisions of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act and Local Government Act.

Strategy and policy

Allen Grimwood has over 20 years’ experience in preparing plans and policies for local government, such as structure plans, development control plans, settlement strategies, land use strategies and principal local environmental plans. He has strong skills in rural and regional land management gained by living and working in various parts of NSW for the past 20 years.


Zenith Town Planning can analyse development opportunities and provide advice on how best to grow tourism businesses through market research, site investigation and feasibility analysis.  Allen can progress tourism development through the planning phase including preparing and lodging the development application.  Zenith also prepares tourism strategies and tourism opportunity plans for local government and regional authorities that identify future investment and product or infrastructure required to support tourism development.

Cultural heritage

Allen Grimwood is able to assess the values of heritage items, prepare place and character statements, prepare conservation management plans and predict the impact of development on those values.  Allen established the heritage management program for Eurobodalla Shire Council and managed the implementation of a community heritage strategy which included an advisory committee and funding assistance for restoration projects.  Allen also specialises in carrying out desktop due diligence assessments of indigenous cultural heritage as part of environmental assessments.

Land economics

Zenith Town Planning can assist to estimate the feasibility of development projects using skills gained in the financial services industry and the public sector.  Allen has expertise in techniques such as benefit cost analysis, market demand/supply analysis and environmental valuation.  These skills can also be applied to estimating demand and supply for land zones and land uses, natural resource management and to rank alternative land management scenarios.

Social studies

Allen Grimwood prepares demographic analyses to assist strategic and development planning.  Population studies underpin assessments of the provision of housing, community facilities and social services that are required to cater for public and private sector proposals.  Requirements for affordable housing, health, cultural, transport, cultural and recreational services generated by development proposals and land use strategies are estimated in the context of available resources.